Workshops are offered in the following areas:

● Grant & proposal writing

● Change management

● Professional communication skills

Grant & Proposal Writing

Gain confidence in your ability to create a successful funding proposal with this introduction to writing proposals and grants.  Both full and half-day workshops are available.  

Workshop topics include:  

  • Differences between grants & proposals
  • Writing an effective case for support with defined goals & objectives
  • Discussion of the writing process
  • An opportunity to share tips and techniques

Change Management

How do you manage program changes or service transitions within your organization without losing stakeholders along the way?  

Whether you're a small business or a non-profit organization, successfully managing change can be a challenge.  This half-day workshop explores the basics of managing organizational transitions and the benefit of incorporating change management techniques into your planning.  

Professional Communication Skills

Your team's communication skills can make or break their overall success.  This half-day workshop looks at best practices for both written and verbal communication and how to develop the tools needed to implement them successfully.  

Upcoming Workshops


In-person workshops have been suspended due to the COVID crisis

Please keep checking this site for new information on in-person and online workshops